Tomatoes on a Silver Platter oil painting by Michelle C East

Tomatoes on a Silver Platter Oil Painting


Succulent on Mosaic Table

Succulent on Mosaic Table


White Amaryllis in Glass Vase

Original watercolor painting by Michelle C. East ©2017

Description: Two white amaryllis flowers in a red bulb set inside a clear glass vase. The vase rests on a window sill looking out on a yellow green and green-gray background. Part of the reflection of one of the flowers is visible in the window. The salt in wet watercolors technique was used to create visual interest in the background.

Size: 18×24″ (not matted or framed)

Artist Interpretation: The Victorians associated amaryllis with strength and determination because of their height and sturdiness.

All images © Michelle East Art 2017

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