Grand Canyon Paintings

Grand Canyon Oil Paintings

by Michelle C. East

Grand Canyon Oil Paintings by Michelle East

in progress…

Grand Canyon Painting Michelle East

Just finished my painting for “Open Spaces” -12×24″ oil-this painting is for sale & available after the exhibit comes down in January!! More info about the “Open Spaces” Exhibit will be posted soon!

Grand Canyon Sunset Oil Painting Michelle C East

Water Soluble Oil Paints

I have been trying out water mix able oil paints (Windsor & Newton Artisan brand) on my new series of Grand Canyon paintings. Working with the water soluble oil paints is like working with acrylics, but with a much longer drying time. After you block in a thin layer (mixed with water) then you have to start using the water soluble Linseed oil, so that is not much different than regular oils.

I picked up a box of water soluble paints with mediums at a garage sale for $5, so I thought I’d give them a try! Another thing that is MUCH better is the LACK of smell/fumes! I’m sold on them!

Here is my current painting project, #2 in the Grand Canyon series. I have purposely chosen canvases with a 2:1 ratio to really give the feeling of the expanse of the Grand Canyon. This painting is still in progress (not finished).

Blue Chasm oil painting Michelle C East


Check out my cross-post from my art teacher blog on finding inspiration at the Grand Canyon:



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