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 Michelle East is available to create custom artwork including paintings, drawings, murals, & graphic design.

Please contact Michelle with a brief description of what you would like created on the CONTACT ME page. You  can also contact her at [email protected]



Free Consultation with client about ideas, size, and space for the mural or commissioned painting.

Design Deposit

A $100 Deposit is required to begin the project. This is for time spent on the conceptual drawings and to reserve a spot on the studio calendar.

This amount is applied to the cost of the project.

Final Design

At a second appointment:

  • Design concept drawings will be shown to the client. The client will have one week to choose a final design from the drawings.
  • An estimate will be given in a “Project Cost Agreement” of which buyer must sign and a 50% deposit will be required before any additional work will be done.
  • Arrange the final time & date of completion for the project or if the project is a mural, when the painting of the mural will begin. 

Production of Artwork

Paintings/Graphic Design: The final commissioned artwork will be created at this time.

Murals: At the pre-arranged time & date, I will arrive to paint the mural.

•Murals will be painted using a water-based paint (fumes should be at a minimum).
•Please move any furniture at least 4 feet from the wall to be painted.
•Any rough spots or holes in the wall need to be filled, smoothed, and primed 24 hours BY THE CLIENT before the mural can begin.

Final Payment

The remaining balance of the project is due upon the day of completion of the artwork. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, which were disclosed in the “Project Cost Agreement” form. Artwork will be delivered AFTER payment has been successfully received.

Methods of payment accepted: Cash, Check & PayPal

(Please make checks payable to Michelle East)


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