BIG Announcement!

At the beginning of this year (since I’m at teacher that was August 2019), I heavily felt that the Lord was giving me the word “Trust” as my one word for the year. I was not sure what all that would entail, but knew that something was coming that would require some big faith. As the year progressed some awesome things happened, our daughter Kayleigh got engaged to a wonderful man and the art and pottery business began to thrive! Many things to be thankful for!

Then the virus happened, the world felt like it turned upside down and TRUST really had to kick in. All of a sudden, I had to learn how to teach art online, we had to hunt for toilet paper (kuddos to my mom for begin the master hunter!), and through all this never once did we lack anything! But I really did not think that this was the reason for the “Trust” word that God had given me. 

It was the Lord who opened the door into teaching art 16 years ago as a direct answer to a prayer. It was obvious with all the circumstances around my hiring that HE had opened this door. Although there have been some ups and downs, my time at Summit has been wonderful. I’ve grown spiritually, professionally, and relationally. If you have thought about private christian education, I highly recommend Summit Christian Academy!

However, for the last two years I have been specifically praying for the Lord’s direction in my own life and have again seen His hand working in obvious ways.  Although we are going through turbulent times in the world, God is still in control and the things He has called us to do has not changed. His plans will not be thwarted. Here is where the Trust comes in…

Going Forward

I’ve know since August that I was going to have to make a major decision that would require FULL TRUST in God. Do I continue with what feels secure and comfortable or do I have faith-based risk and follow what I think the Lord is calling me towards? The decision has been made! I believe the Lord is leading me to pursue my art and pottery business full-time! So I have given up my teaching position at school and will be able to dedicate my time to creating new artwork and pottery! 

Matt and I have been praying and planning for the first steps of what being a full-time artist and potter will look like and we have TONS of ideas with some BIG plans, but we are going to take it a step at at time. Matt has a multi-phase plan! We are incredibly excited about this adventure and are trusting in the Lord for guidance and provision!

We are EXTREMELY thankful for the support from our family and friends who have encouraged us in the journey so far!! We would not be at this point without you and hope you will continue to cheer us on as we grow the art and pottery business!

Here are some things you can do to help us:

  • Shout-Outs on Social Media: Like, Comment, TAG, and Share Posts! 
  • If you know of any potential retail shop’s that might be interested in carrying our pottery, please let us know! Personal connections are extra helpful!
  • Come out to the farmer’s markets and fairs we are at! We really feel encouraged when we see friends show up at events!
  • Know of any special events or conferences that need vendors-let us know!
  • Visit our website SHOP! We will be adding more art and pottery!
  • Remember us when buying gifts! We now have digital GIFT CARDS available and we can make custom pieces with names, designs, and LOGOS that are unique and special! (Custom orders take 4-6 weeks)
  • Sign-up for our Newsletter

Again, we thank you for the encouragement and support you all have shown us already and we ask for your prayers and continued support as we take this step of faith!

Blessings ~Matt & Michelle



  1. Michelle, I am so excited for you as you take this step of faith!
    Suggestion: check with Agape Java and see if they might order some Scripture mugs or let you put up a display. Also, check with Key at Coyote Moon Coffee. You could make some mugs with his brand on it. You could do the same for Agape Java!
    PS: need a 2020 grad mug by the 30th.❤️

    1. It will be ready! Thanks for the suggestions!

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