Michelle Painting Succulent Watercolor


Painting is my passion!

Michelle creates realistic floral and still life paintings with watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Originals, giclee prints, and note cards are available in the shop.


I love to get my hands dirty!

Michelle is also a small batch potter making both hand-built and wheel-thrown inspirational, functional pottery. I love exploring the imprinting of various textures into the clay and seeing how the glazes interact with the form and texture!

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Please visit my EVENTS page to view info on upcoming events!


I have switched over to a NEW DARKER CLAY for all functional pottery (mugs, bowls, platters, etc)!

Garden markers, butterflies, and flowers will NOT change.

All new pottery will be made with a Stoneware mid-fire clay that is a light red-brown color. This is slightly darker than the buff color clay I have been using for the last 6 years and will make a slight difference on ALL the badges on mugs and some glazes (which I will try to photograph and get on the website ASAP). *Please see the examples I have to the right & below

New clay

NEW & Re-Designed Pottery

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“The Jar” Podcast

Michelle had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on “The Jar” podcast by her friend Lydia Santos! We talk about pottery and the spiritual walk on episode #4 “In the Potter’s Hand”. I’d be honored if you would listen, be blessed, and consider subscribing to her show!


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My Mission

My desire is to create beautiful, original pieces of art that enrich the lives of others by reflecting the radiant colors, patterns, and textures found in God’s amazing creation.

In pottery, I seek to create inspirational, handmade, and fine-crafted functional pieces for everyday use.

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